Sarmix Quality

Sarmix is characterized by the quality production of ready-mixed concrete, as the factory management put the quality of ready-mixed concrete as its main goal. In our factories, a laboratory for production control is available and equipped with the latest testing tools and machinery running all tests required in production control supported by engineers and technicians specialized in ready-mixed concrete production with extensive experience in the field and working carefully in the production of ready-mix concrete in conformity with international standards and specifications. Each mixture truck is subjected to examination before leaving the factory towards the customer to insure the concrete’s quality and conformity to the client’s request.


Sarmix includes an integrated laboratory of testing hardware and machinery,…

Mix Design

Quality department engineers at Sarmix design mixtures for each product…


Sarmix has been certified by several Govt. and autonomous bodies for the quality and functionality of the company.

Our Products


Concrete is a mixture of paste and aggregate, the paste is made up of Portland cement and water, aggregates are bound together by the paste to form homogeneous mass when the paste hardens, the paste hardens through chemical reactions with water called hydration.
Chemical admixture typically uses to improve strength, durability and other concrete properties.

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